How To Bootup Test a Bootable USB, ISO, or CD/DVD in a Single Click (Without Setting Up a Virtual Machine)

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When you create a Bootable USB to install Windows it’s always a good idea to test the ISO or USB to check if it’s bootable before actually trying it on the real PC or overview the multiboot menu, check background image fits the screen or something else.

Of course, you can always test the bootable USB by rebooting the PC and then enabling the required BIOS setting, but this is so inconvenient. The second problem is: most of the free virtual machine software available today, don’t support USB booting for some odd reasons.

So, we have come up with a sharp solution to test a bootable USB flash drive or ISO without setting virtual machines: Bootable USB Test application. It's free, small, fast and powerful.

Comparing to other software for bootable usb testing, this on can do things better because it:

  • Creates temporary virtual hard drive for compatibility and better simulation of a real PC
  • Locks USB drive from Windows and other apps to avoid writes from outside the simulation
  • Redirects all writes to the USB inside the simulation to a temporary file (creates snapshot at simulation start)
  • Compress virtual HDD to reduce it real size almost to 0

Bootable USB Test 1.3.0000 2.png

Also it is portable and doesn’t require an installation as well. The application uses emulator called “Qemu” to make test happen.

How to use Novicorp Bootable USB Test to test your bootable USB drive

  • Step 1: Download the app from our web site, run emutest.exe
  • Step 2: Plugin your USB drive and select it in the drop-down list
  • Step 3: Hit Start. No need to change default options in the Bootable USB Test, they are OK by default for 99% of users
  • Step 4: Once you are done with testing, use Ctrl + Alt keys to exit.

Good luck!

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