Bootable USB Test Change Log

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Bootable USB Test Change Log

1.4.0000 05/16/2017

  • Added x86_64 (64bit) QEMU emulation support
  • Added an option to add any QEMU version into the Components\ folder and use it for bootup emulation. Read more on the Information and manual page
  • Improved force dismount mechanism, if USB drive is in use by another application
  • Fixed problem when ISO/IMA bootup emulation can't start if no USB drive found

1.3.0000 05/02/2017

  • Added random virtual HDD file naming inside the %temp% folder - you can start unlimited number of Bootable USB Tests without vHDD file problems
  • Bootable USB Test now can find installed QEMU on your PC and use it too
  • Added an option to chose what QEMU Bootable USB Test should use for emulation session - internal or installed one
  • Small interface geometry fixes
  • Added help link into the app

1.2.0001 04/04/2017

  • Added support for Win7 Taskbar Effects

1.2.0000 03/28/2017

  • Removed all 3rd parties utilities
  • Added an option to test-boot a CD/DVD image or an IMA floppy image
  • Improved stability of the application and drive lock algorithm
  • Renamed checkbox from "Start Virtual PC in Read-only mode" to "Don't save file changes"
  • Checkbox "Start Virtual PC in Read-only mode" is checked by default now

1.1.0000 09/30/2015

  • Updated with more options for Virtual HDD

1.0.0000 09/24/2015

  • Initial release

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