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Please let us know if you need new item in the multiboot menu.

Provide us with following information:

  1. Name of the item on english
  2. Type of the item/short info
  3. Home page
  4. Download page
  5. ISO/BIN/etc file direct download URLs
  6. Does vendor auto-update this image (on the URL provided) or it has a particular version

for example,

  1. Dr.WEB Live CD
  2. Antivirus Live CD
  3. http://www.freedrweb.com/
  4. http://www.freedrweb.com/livedisk/
  5. http://download.geo.drweb.com/pub/drweb/livedisk/drweb-livedisk-900-cd.iso
  6. auto-update by vendor

Send this information to support service support@novicorp.com or post at our WinToFlash discussion forum.