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Create Multiboot USB

Any number of any Windows setups, up to latest Windows 10, can be placed on a single multiboot USB flash drive as well as any other linux, WinPE, small operating systems, LiveDVDs, offline antiviruses, recovery environments and even an Android!

Over a 100 items are available, see List of supported multiboot items in 1.9.0000

Autodownload and cache

WinToFlash can download any ISO with antivirus, recovery tool, LiveDVD, partitioning software, linux, android, etc. for you automatically from a menu and cache it on a hard drive for future faster access.

If something is wrong, i.e. download URL is broken, server is offline and etc. WinToFlash offers you to visit download web site with a browser and select an ISO image later manually.

Wizard mode

Simple Wizard is available for fast Windows Setup USB creation with only 2 options!

Profiles support

You can save your multiboot or singleboot USB drive configuration into a file and load it back any time later to use again without setting everything up again.


If you can't boot with multiboot USB on a buggy PC, WinToFlash can create a simple singleboot bootable USB with only one item on it and provide you with bunch of compatibility options you can fine tune for better work with old and buggy BIOSes.

Singleboot profiles provided:

  • Windows XP Setup
  • Windows Vista Setup
  • Windows 7 Setup
  • Windows 8 Setup
  • Windows 8.1 Setup
  • Windows 10 Setup
  • Windows 2003 Server Setup
  • Windows 2003 R2 Server Setup
  • Windows 2008 Server Setup
  • Windows 2008 R2 Server Setup
  • Windows 2012 Server Setup
  • Windows 2012 R2 Server Setup
  • Windows 2016 Server Setup
  • WinPE 1.0-10.x
  • BartPE
  • Hiren's BCD
  • Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console
  • Windows XP/2003 NTLDR bootloader
  • MS-DOS
  • AntiSMS

Destroy all data on a USB / Wipe USB

  • Wipe a USB with 0s and destroy all data on it safely on a device, not file system, level
  • Wipe all partitioning and formatting structures from a USB drive as well
  • Quick or Full wipe can be done

Portable edition is available too

WinToFlash is available as Portable app as well as regular installable one

Read files from any source

You can select a physical CD/DVD drive as a source with WinToFlash as well as copy of files from a folder on your hard drive or network location.

If you have a disk image, you are not limited to ISO images for bootable USB items, you also can use ZIP, RAR, CAB, etc. too.

Binary imaging

  • Create a byte-to-byte binary image of your USB drive in a file
  • Restore or burn any binary image to a USB drive

Test bootable USB

WinToFlash includes Bootable USB Test application to test a bootable USB in 2 mouse clicks.


WinToFlash supports following partitions type on a USB:

  • MBR USB-HDD/256
  • MBR USB-HDD+/256
  • Superfloppy USB-ZIP/USB-FDD


WinToFlash can format a USB into:

  • FAT16 CHS
  • FAT16 LBA
  • FAT32 CHS
  • FAT32 LBA
  • NTFS
  • exFAT

Boot loader

Chose desired bootloader for better compatibility:

  • Standard Windows bootloader
  • No bootloader at all to install one later with other app

Check disk

WinToFlash can check an integrity of your USB drive file system after all to make sure file system is not damaged.

Total capacity limitation

WinToFlash can make your USB drive any size you need, from 1 MB to it full actual size, for example, for old operating systems or buggy BIOSes.

CHS policy

For better BIOS and OS compatibility you can use CHS as:

  • Standard CHS
  • Write MAX CHS values to force BIOS using LBA calls
  • Write only 0s to turn this legacy addressing method off


If something is wrong, detailed logging is always available in Logs\ folder.